Flare Fireplaces- The Most Important Features for Your Modern Fireplace

Published on 11-Aug-2017

This article was originally posted by Flare Fireplaces on their website.

What truly makes a fireplace a modern fireplace?

A modern fireplace instantly becomes a breathtaking focal point of any room, but what features should we look out for when selecting the right architecture or modernist architecture design?  The list below, present the most important features, when bundled together, assure the final result is truly modern.

1. Frameless Design

Frameless showers, door, windows, and televisions are now the norm in most mid to high-end houses and apartments, but interior designers and architects often ask us what they should use for the fireplace solution.

Frameless Fireplaces present a smooth, sharp, contemporary look.  The frameless design allows the surrounding finishing material to connect to the fireplace's frameless glass opening, and gives the appearance as if the linear glass is hanging off the wall.

Frameless Fireplaces support the minimalist approach and allow the architects and designers to design the space with the same characteristics

2.  Linear Fireplace

The linear gas fireplace is designed to be the perfect fit for any modern or contemporary room.  Due to the wide ranges of fireplace lengths, the linear fireplace works for many applications and can complement any living space with its clean, dynamic fire view.

The name "linear fireplace" is used for the fireplace because it can be specified by linear foot.  For example, Flare 3ft, Flare 4ft, or Flare 8ft.   When planning for a linear fireplace, it is most important to notice the glass opening (how tall is the glass viewing area).  A minimum of 16" opening should be specified.  

3. Heat Safety Barrier & Double glass fireplaces

Starting in 2015, any fireplace sold in North America needs to be sold with a safety barrier.  The contemporary fireplace needs to present a clean looking opening, but maintain the same safety level as any other fireplace.

Safety Screen- The use of extremely gentle "invisible mesh" and counselling the mesh frame is part of the frameless design.  The screen frame is hidden inside the wall at the top and bottom of the unit.  The screen used is so delicate that most owners need to touch it to confirm that it is there.  Advanced and properly designed fireplaces should also present an easy way to remove the screen in case it needs to be cleaned.

Double glass- Commercial application and corner units present a bigger challenge due to the safety barrier and are often sold with the double glass solution.  This cool to touch solution is used as a safety barrier, replacing the need for a physical screen.  The double glass solution offers the same safety level but without the screen.  

The double glass solution also reduces the radiant heat reflected from the front of the glass and is selected in many applications where reduced heat is desired.  Properly designed contemporary fireplaces with double glass should present a minimal gap between the two layers of glass to create as minimal as possible disruption to the eye.  If the gap is kept small, the double glass design in almost unnoticeable.  

4.  Summer Kit

The summer kit reduces overall heat output so you can enjoy your modern gas fireplace all year long.  This feature allows the ability to show off your stunning linear fireplace even in the summer.  

The optional summer kit extracts heat from the chase directing it outside, rather than into your home.  The inline system of fans allows the fireplace to operate without a significant increase in room temperature and operating the kit is as simple as flipping a switch.

The system is set up to come on automatically with the fireplace and can be controlled independently of your fireplace; it should also be possible to connect the summer kit to your home automation system and adjust heat output with the changing seasons.

5.  Home Automation

As technology advances, the number of controlled devices increases.  The new linear modern fireplace must present a way to connect the system to a home automation process in order to control it as part of the house, and not only with a dedicated remote.

The modern fireplace home automation does not bypass the physical shut off that is installed with any fireplace but will allow a more central way to control the system without looking for the remote in the couch.